Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It*     The biggest risk for a homeowner looking to buy another home is, “do I sell first or do I buy first?” Sellers could end up owning two homes or none at all. Jeff Sibel of RE/MAX ADVISERS offers a Risk FREE Guaranteed Sale Program that solves this problem.

Don't Get Stuck Owning Two Homes

Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It Program makes the process of selling your home and buying your next home much easier, because your home is SOLD.  One of the biggest problems facing a sellers is, “Do I buy first or sell first?”  This can be a real problem because either way there are risks.  You could end up owning two homes or none at all.  Our exclusive Your Home Sold GUARANTEED solves this problem.    

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 How does the Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It Program work?  We prepare a Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA). The CMA includes homes that have sold, are under contract and homes listed in your area that are similar to your home.  Together, based on this information we determine a fair market value for your home.  We use this information to determine your guaranteed sales price and your list price which you receive upfront and in writing before we list your property for sale.     

 If you home doesn’t sell within our Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or We’ll Buy It Program period, we will offer to buy your home at the predetermined price and terms we both agreed to.  If you receive a higher offer on your home than our guaranteed selling price, then you can take the higher offer and our offer becomes null and void.    

Here is the bottom line.  When you list with us, you know your home will sell and you know you always have the option to take the highest offer.    

We are well known for our Guaranteed Sale Program. But, in some situations you may want to cash out in a week or two. This is where our Immediate Cash Offer Program makes sense. Here are the 4 easy steps to sell your property fast.  

Cash Offer

We are well known for our Guaranteed Sale Program. But, in some situations you may want to cash out immediately.  Jeff Sibel of RE/MAX ADVISERS can make an offer on your house within 24 hours. He also has investors that will buy your house "as is", then fix it up, and turn it into a rental property.  Call Jeff at 215-353-0663.  Listed below are the benefits of a fast and private cash sale.

Benefits of a Fair Cash Offer

  • No Hassles   - Sell your property the easy way

  • We Pay More - See Frequently Asked Questions
  • Quick Sale - Sell Property Fast and for a Fair Price
  • Quick Fair Offer - Fair offer within 24 hours
  • We can settle in 7 to 30 days
  • No Repairs - Sell in "AS IS" condition
  • Private Sale - No "For Sale" signs
  • No Open Houses
  • Peace of Mind - If we agree on price, it is sold
  • Private Sale - No Pictures posted on the internet
  • No nosy neighbors in your house No Nosy Neighbors
  • We buy in all price ranges up to $500,000
  • You can sell and rent it back - Rent-Back Option



How our Immediate Cash Offer Program works.  

Step       Call Jeff Sibel, Broker-Owner directly at 215-353-0663.  

Step 2      He will schedule an appointment to look at your property.  

Step 3       When he makes an offer, he will explain exactly how he arrived at the offered price. If you like it, he will schedule a settlement time and date that works for you. The sales price and timeline is completely up to you.  

Step 4      At settlement, we give the title company a check, then the title company pays off the loans, any obligations and taxes. You will receive a check, Cashier’s Check or Direct Wire Transfer for the net proceeds that day.  


Frequently Asked Questions  


:  Why should I find out what my house is worth with you?   
:Because, it never hurts to find out what you can sell your house for privately without fixing it up and putting it on the market.

:  Why can you pay more than other large corporate buyers?   
: We pay more because we do more. We are a family operation that buys houses and fixes them up. We don’t need to lowball anyone because we cut out the middleman. Since we do more, you get more!  

: How does the process work to sell my house fast and for a fair price?  
: You simply call Jeff Sibel at 215-353-0663 and we will contact you to set up an appointment to look at your property. When we meet, we may make an offer at that time. We also may ask for a few days to do some additional homework. Then we schedule a follow up meeting to make an offer. If you accept our no-obligation offer, we schedule a settlement time and date. At settlement we have the title company pay off the loans, any obligations and taxes. You will receive a cashier’s check for the net proceeds that day at settlement. We offer you a fair, quick and private sale.  

:  Do you buy houses in any condition or price range? 
: We buy all types of houses, land, investment properties and farms in any condition and any price range. We can pay cash for lower priced properties under $500,000 and we can usually settle in less than two weeks. For properties over $500,000, we have lines of credit and can usually settle in less than 30 days if needed. 

: Am I under any obligation or fees involved? 
: Absolutely NO! There is no obligation for us to visit with you and make a free cash offer. We do not charge any fees or commissions to make a cash offer to buy my house.  

: Where do you buy houses? 
: We buy houses, land, investment properties and farms in Greater Lehigh Valley Area, Eastern PA from Scranton to South Philly and out to Lancaster. We also buy in Western New Jersey. But, we have referral affiliates all across the country.

: I still have questions? 
: If you still have questions, then call Jeff Sibel, Broker-Owner at 215-353-0663 .H e will be glad to answer all your questions.

: What is the next step? 
: The next step is to call us or fill out the form and together well will set up a time to visit and make a cash offer. 

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