Fair Commission Programs*

We offer 5 ways to save on your commission.

In addition to offering you our exclusive Sell Your Home in 69 Days Guaranteed , we also offer you a flexible commission structure.  We offer to reduce our commission for a variety of reasons. Listed below are the 5 ways to save on your commission.

  1. Loyalty Discount   If you list your home with us and buy your next home through us.

  2. Direct Buyer Discount     If we find the buyer and they buy your property using us and no other company is involved with the transaction.

  3. Seller Discount   If you the seller generate the buyer, we will offer to reduce our commission.

  4. Purchase of the Buyers Property   If you listed your house with us and the buyers of your house need to sell their house, we will offer to buy their house. If we buy their house (and we created the buyer), we will offer a commission reduction.

  5. Referral to Friend, co-worker or Family Member   We offer additional discounts when you refer a friend, co-worker or family member to us. 

For more information,  contact us.  

*some conditions apply   There is a broker service fee still applies on all transactions.

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